About us

Volunteer Vanderhoof exists to promote volunteerism in Vanderhoof and area, assisting community groups to find volunteers, and connecting members of the community with groups and events that are of interest to them.
Volunteer Vanderhoof was envisioned in 2010 when a number of Vanderhoof and area stakeholders met and identified the need for a coordinating agency to maximize the volunteer experience for everyone – volunteer, client, agency and the community.
This agency is funded by WelcomeBC, and is part of the Legacy Initiative.
Volunteer Vanderhoof encourages all community members to become a volunteer, be a mentor, be a host organization for new volunteers, share your stories about volunteering, and promote the benefits of volunteering in community.
One program of Volunteer Vanderhoof is Vanderhoof Seniors Connected. This program is dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors and elders, both those living on their own and in semi-assisted situations. This program is funded by the United Way of Northern BC.
If you are an individual wanting to volunteer, or a community group looking for volunteers, please contact Volunteer Vanderhoof today!
Volunteer Vanderhoof is based at the Neighbourhood Space, and is an initiative of the Good Neighbours Committee as part of the Spirit of Vanderhoof Diversity Project.
The intent of the Spirit of Vanderhoof Diversity Project is to promote and support the concept of a welcoming and inclusive community, as defined by WelcomeBC.
Our mission is to promote and support volunteerism! Join us today.

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