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International Volunteer Managers Day – Nov 5, 2012

23 Oct

Universally, people recognize the contribution of volunteers – in sport, health, emergency services, faith communities and the environmental lobby. Volunteers are involved in just about every aspect of service delivery in all walks of life.

Behind this army of volunteers lies an equally dedicated group of individuals  who are responsible for the coordination, support, training, administration and recruitment of the world’s volunteers.

That is why we celebrate International Volunteer Managers Day every year on November 5.

It is important to let those people know that the spirit of volunteerism is enhanced and enabled by them. Make sure you thank those who organize and manage volunteers in your local organizations.

International Volunteer Managers Day website


Volunteer Opportunity

23 Oct

Would you like to become part of a team working together to improve the quality of life for stroke survivors? 

The Vanderhoof Stroke Recovery Group is looking for volunteers to join their team.

Vanderhoof Stroke Recovery’s goal is to encourage stroke survivors to improve their lives through education, exercise, work groups, crafts, outings, etc.

  • No special skills required; training and orientation are provided. Patience and caring understanding a necessity.
  •  Volunteers share responsibilities: assisting with activities, exercises, education, crafts, outings, fundraising.
  • Time commitment: 3 hour meeting each Monday morning (excluding stat holidays), from September through mid-June.

Stroke Recovery Association of BC

Please  contact Volunteer Vanderhoof for further information.    250-567-4879  ~


Vanderhoof Ambassadors

3 Oct

Welcome… is the word

Chances are this fall you will see the Welcome word used frequently in the community.  And, chances are you will be invited to participate in a dialogue or conversation that talks about being welcoming or to wear a pin or t-shirt that tells your neighbor that ‘Welcome is the word’.   The Good Neighbours Committee presents the Ambassador Program as the completion of the current projects and moves  us to the next phase,  Welcoming Communities.  The Ambassadors Program will foster the dialogue in community that will take us to the next level of becoming a Welcoming Community. 

One of the definitions of an Ambassador according to is, an authorized messenger or representative.   We are currently seeking community members who are new-comers to Vanderhoof and have immigrated to Canada as an adult to be part of our Ambassador Teams. The immediate goal of the Ambassador Program, is to open the dialogue between community members about the joys and the challenges of immigrating to Canada; and for the newcomer to be the Ambassador or authorized messenger sharing their story with community.  We believe there is a richness that resides in the heart of each person and a story waiting to be told.  The Ambassadors Program will be one of the conduits for those stories. 

Informal community meetings will take place over the next two months and a Community Dialogue will be held on Thursday, November 29, 2012.  If you are interested in learning more about the Community Dialogue, the Ambassador Program or other projects of the Good Neighbours Committee please contact Charlyne Smilinski, CNC  250.567.3211. 

If you are a new-comer to Canada and interested in participating in the Ambassador Program, there will be an Information Session at the College of New Caledonia, Vanderhoof campus, 12 pm – 2 pm, Friday, October 5, 2012.  Lunch will be provided.   Please register with CNC by Thursday, October 4, 2012.  To register or for more information call 250.567.3200 

Ambassador Program Team Goals:

  • Create awareness in the community about newcomers’ experiences and how they enrich the life of our community.
  • Facilitate cultural understanding.
  • Support the community to learn from newcomers’ experiences.
  • Promote the ideals of the Community Accord.
  • Support new residents to become active in the community.

Benefits to Ambassador Program Team members:

  • Meet and network with others who share a passion for social and economic development.
  • Enjoy opportunities to enhance and/or build relationships with long-term community residents.
  • Build community together.
  • Participate in training opportunities.