Jim Hurtado – 2011 Road Rescue Volunteer of the Year!

1 Jun

Jim Hurtado has been a volunteer with the Vanderhoof Volunteer Extrication Association (VVEA) since its inception in 1978.

He has played an integral role in the VVEA as a volunteer, donating hundreds of hours to support training and fundraising to ensure the association’s viability and substantial growth under his leadership.

The costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment are substantial, but Jim has secured funding to replace the road rescue truck three times, most recently in September 2010.

Jim possesses a great deal of compassion for his fellow volunteers. No matter what the call was, Jim was there to greet the team that had ventured out – invariably on bad roads, at any time of the day or night. He was also ever-present to meet the team after they returned to the fire hall following calls, knowing that moral support was a vital part of ensuring volunteer responders were okay.

Jim recently retired from the VVEA, so it is only fitting to recognize his 31 years of dedicated volunteer service. Jim Hurtado is the 2011 Road Rescue Volunteer of the Year.


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