Welcome – Our New Volunteer Vanderhoof Coordinators!

20 Mar

Debra Bishop and Gail Kristianson form the team that will move Volunteer Vanderhoof to the next level. Both Gail and Debra have made a commitment to promote the organization, encourage new volunteers to register, meet with agencies and non-profit groups to assess their volunteer needs and inform volunteers of the opportunities in community.

Gail, a member of the Vanderhoof community for 32 years, has contributed her time and talents to many organizations such as Area Air Deputy for CASARA/PEPAIR (Civil Air Search and Rescue Association)/(Provincial Emergency Program AIR); Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation; BC Trappers Association; Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce; Vanderhoof International Airshow; and many other organizations. Gail is thrilled to be part of the Volunteer Vanderhoof Organization and looks forward to working with Debra and the community to realize its volunteer potential.

Debra and her husband moved to Vanderhoof in February, 2007 and as Debra stated, “Since the beginning I have felt as though I have lived here for most of my life. The heart of Vanderhoof surrounded me with welcome and love.” Debra also emphasized the enthusiasm and the excitement she feels for the chance to be part of helping those who have so much to give to their community and considers it a privilege to be part of Volunteer Vanderhoof!

Both Debra and Gail look forward to the positive impact Volunteer Vanderhoof is going to have on the hearts of those involved and most of all the community at large.

Charlyne Smilinski


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