Flood of 2007

20 Mar

During the Flood of 2007, Vanderhoof turned out to show its volunteer spirit. Volunteers assisted by heavy equipment and VanJam firefighters built over three kilometres of dykes with 140,000 hand-filled sandbags. In one single day, over 350 volunteers turned out to help fill and place the sandbags. Food and water weren’t a problem – those that weren’t able to do the physical work provided meals, baking and beverages to the volunteers.

Volunteers were required to sign in and out at the Emergency Operations Centre in the arena mezzanine. Statistics gathered from the sign-in sheets shows:

  • 147 NVSS students volunteered nearly 1,200 hours – during their summer break.
  • The 35 members of the Vanderhoof Volunteer Fire Department gave 2,100 hours.
  • In addition to the hardworking Vanjam Rangers and Titans, 846 adults volunteered over 8,500 hours.
  • Vanderhoof residents donated the use of pumps, quads, property for storage and offered to billet people if an evacuation order was issued.
  • Total volunteer hours: 11,800 hours!

Janice Baker


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