A Town Without Volunteers

20 Mar

What would it be like to grow up in Vanderhoof, if there were no volunteers? Think back to your childhood.  Do you remember being a Brownie or a Boy Scout? Playing hockey, or soccer?  Participating in 4-H and attending the Fall Fair? Perhaps you liked books and hung out at the library, or loved Sunday School crafts after church.

 Imagine yourself a little older now, and recall field trips, school dances and the basketball team. Into adulthood, remembering the neighbour who plowed your driveway, and the great Monday night movies offered by Reel Alternatives. What would your life be like without these memories? Can you imagine a life without clubs, sports, arts, entertainment or social events?

Still reminiscing, think of the times your life has hit a few bumps.  Perhaps you’ve been in the hospital and benefitted from the comforts of hospital auxiliary purchased items or from financial assistance from a service club. Or you’ve experienced a fire, and the volunteer fire department has saved your precious mementos. Maybe you’ve been down on your luck and received some groceries from NeighbourLink.

What could have happened without the intervention and assistance of auxiliaries, service clubs, and firefighters?

Would our mascot, the Canadian Goose, still make Vanderhoof its home without the protection provided by the bird sanctuary? Would the Nechako White Sturgeon be extinct if local residents hadn’t rallied to its defence?

If you already volunteer, thank you. What you do makes Vanderhoof a special place. If you don’t have time to volunteer, or don’t feel you have something to offer, please think again. A commitment of a few hours a month to an organization, or to an annual event for one evening a year is all it takes to create a positive impact. In making Vanderhoof a happier, healthier and safer place to live you, will meet new people and learn new skills, a winning situation for everyone!

Janice Baker


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